Friday, July 31, 2020

Abortion Access Social Justice?

Seeking to alleviate poverty and care for the poor is a social justice issue. It is also a Biblical command that is non-negotiable.

Fighting racism is a social justice issue. It is also woven into the Scriptural mandate to love our neighbor as we in fact, presumably love ourselves.

Advocating for "average" workers to be given human treatment and a living wage is a social justice issue. It is also a Scriptural principle.

Insisting on equal rights for women, immigrants, people with disabilities, and others is a social justice issue. It is also part of the Scriptural call to love our neighbor as we presumably love ourselves.

Calling for compassionate in immigration policies toward undocumented people, migrants and asylum-seekers is a social justice issue. It is also the heart of the call to show Godly love to others.

Democrats and others who lean Left, excel at fighting for these social justice issues. We can commend them for doing so. Democrats and others who lean Left, however, have added a social justice issue that has no clear Scriptural backing. Many among the Left are calling for access to abortion for women and families. They contend that this access will assure women of health care, uphold their bodily autonomy, and give them a choice and freedom. Currently, Democrats are even seeking to left all restrictions on abortion and require taxpayers to pay for those who cannot afford them.

But does Scripture support abortion and its access to women and families? For that manner, do science and common sense tell us that we need abortion to empower women and alleviate social ills like poverty, racism, crime and other social ills? 

Those in the pro-life movement are telling us that abortion is not a human right, nor is it health care or even commonsense. Still, Democrats and others who lean Left continue to call for it. However, what the pro-life movement are trying to say to many on the Left, especially to activists and politicians, is not sinking in. "Abortion is murder, "Adoption, not abortion," Abortion stops a beating heart," "She's a child, not a choice," are having only a limited impact on Democrats among politicians and activities who lean Left, as well as among many voters. If these slogans are true, why do so many not not listen or accept these slogans as truth?

Can it be that most in the pro-life movement are not speaking in the language of the Left or answers questions they may not be asking? 

Pro-choice and pro-abortion politicians and activists talk about women's rights, reproductive choice, reproductive rights, and bodily autonomy. They have, for the most part, written off those in the pro-life movement as "anti-choice," "judgmental," "extremist," even "radical." In our bitterly divided culture, the bitter divide among both sides has been getting only worse. As long as so many on the Left make abortion a non-negotiable women's right, and so many on the Right demand Roe vs. Wade to be overturned, the divide well get worse.

Those on the Left, you hold the key to reaching across this bitter divide. Moderate your position on abortion, restore the Hyde Amendment to your platform, fund community health centers, and fund the child welfare system.

Those on the Right, you hold the key to reaching across this divide. Listen to those on the Left, even as you push back on their support of abortion. Stop treating those on the Left like bad, evil, dangerous radicals who hate babies and the families. Instead, seek to work with them on areas where you agree, such as prevention, adoption, and funding of services for women and families.

Allowing abortion to become a political issue has proven to be ineffective, It has hurt the credibility of many on the Right and turned off many on the Left. How often do we hear, "Life begins at conception and stops at birth?" Because of this, the Left often dismiss pregnancy resource centers as "fake anti-choice clinics." Adoption, which the Right so often hold out as an "abortion alternative," tends to be seen as a way to exploit poor, vulnerable pregnant girls and women.

It is time to stop fighting abortion as a "culture war" that requires "pro-life victories" in order to save women and their babies from abortion, or to preserve their "right" to it. I have no easy answers to this. But the way both sides are doing things is not working.

How about making an honest friendship with another who stands on the opposite side of even the abortion issue from you?

This article discusses abortion, social justice, and how both sides have gotten it wrong. Read article.

This is a pro-choice page and links to statements about what are called reproductive choice and reproductive rights. Read page.

This is an unbiased article about abortion and social justice; it seeks to find common ground between Left and Right. Read article.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Dear Joe Biden, if Only.......

Visita oficial de Joe Biden"Visita oficial de Joe Biden" by Presidencia de la Rep├║blica Mexicana is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is now three months before the 2020 Election. Many of us view it as the most critical, historical election of our lifetimes. This is true whether voters support President Donald Trump or you.

Many of us want to support you. We would gladly vote for you as a Democrat. For we support many of this Party's social justice issues. As a Party, Democrats and others who lean Left on social justice call for poverty and racism to be alleviated. As a rule, those on the Left call for equal justice and citizenship for women, immigrants, and people with disabilities. Your Party normally seeks to address climate change and seek fair treatment as well as fair wages for low and middle income workers. Those who lean Left call for immigration that includes humane policies for undocumented immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers.

It is obvious and makes sense that those on the Left view Election 2020 as the most critical Election of our lifetimes. We have been enduring almost four years of a President and an Administration that have enacted one policy after another that have attacked institutions that have traditionally been trusted and cherished. We have had to hear the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Central Intelligence Agency, the World Health Organization, and Centers for Disease Control be trashed as the "deep state" and even as "Scum." And we have had to hear, over and over, that the Press is "fake news" and the "enemy of the people." Citizens are living through his chipping away at their right to peacefully protest. 

To the Left, the choice is clear. This Election means that this President and his Administration have to be defeated and forced out of the White House. 

It is equally obvious and, in their eyes, perfectly sensible that those on the Right also view Election 2020 as the most critical Election of our lifetimes. They view it as such not only because of their stance on taxes, the economy, immigration, and health care. You, I believe, are fully aware of that and are tailoring your campaign to defend against, and offer your alternative vision. However, many of the Right, especially the far Right and among the "religious right," still overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump based on one issue. This issue is abortion. 

It is not only Republicans and their voters who favor restrictions, even strict restrictions, on abortion. Millions of voters in the Democratic party also favor restrictions on abortion. A year ago, I was shocked and saddened that you went on record as stating that you favor the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. According to multiple pro-life sources, you favor abortion, throughout all nine months of a woman's pregnancy. Apparently, the Democratic Party has moved to the far left on abortion, from "safe, legal and rare" to "on demand and payable by the taxpayer." For a long time, Democrats have favored what your Party call "reproductive choice," "reproductive freedom" and bodily autonomy." How can making women feel coerced by abortion, and killing their babies, be called choice, freedom, or health care?

I, for one, keep toying with wanting to support you and most of your social justice policies. We value your empathy and compassion for "the little guy" and "the common man." We feel an emotional connection to you because of the multiple losses in your life and how you have opened up about them. As voters, we know that it is you who would seek to do all to heal and unite our country. It is you who would seek to do all to restore our credibility and moral authority with the world.

If only, if only.... Your currently far=left stance on abortion gives millions of us pro-life Democrats pause. We are uncomfortable with writing in or voting for a Third-Party Candidate, as such a person is highly unlikely to win. They would only split the vote. And we certainly do NOT feel good about voting for a President who has not lived up to his oath to his country--except to the unborn and to their mothers in need.

You have promised to do all you can to earn every vote that you receive. I humbly suggest that you include in your pledge an effort to work hard to earn the votes of over 20 million pro-life Democrats, as well as the votes of Independents and Republicans who also favor restrictions on abortion. That would really clobber him and give you many votes that would go un-cast, to third Parties, or even to Trump-again!

Read the post of Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America. These are the facts that you need to know to earn the votes of pro-life Democrats. Read article.

This post makes it clear why you must do everything in your power to earn the votes of pro-life Democrats. Read article.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

No Dissent/No Protest Nation? Budding Fascism?

"Arrest protesters who blockade the streets!"

"Far left radicals!"

"Socialist takeover plot!"

"I will never support the radical, Marxist Black Lives Matter movement!"

"Black Lives Matter is about abortion and destroying families!"

One Facebook post after another shows me the headlines to articles indicating the justifiable fears of law enforcement, white grievance, and white resentment. So do memes.

The rights to dissent and protest political points of view are hallmarks of true democracy. In many totalitarian countries and areas throughout the world, their citizens do not have these rights. And in the days of the Bible, people did not have these rights. However, today, in the United States, dissent and protesting are becoming endangered rights. (And by dissent and protesting, I mean PEACEFUL dissent and protesting, NOT looting or rioting! The latter are not the same as the former). How has this come to be?

Political correctness is one spoiler of dissent. Dissent on hot-button issues such as abortion and gay marriage is bitterly opposed. In fact, both sides are guilty of repressing dissent. Years ago, Pennsylvania Bob Casey, Sr, according to his book FIGHTING FOR LIFE, wanted to speak at a Democratic event. The Democratic Leadership would not permit it because of of his opposition to abortion. Bear in mind, this was before Democrats moved to the far left on abortion, even calling for taxpayer funding of abortion (known as the Hyde Amendment). More recently, according to the Democrats For Life of America via one of their online newsletters, a pro-life Democrat was removed from a ballot. Recently, pro-life former Rep. Dan Lipinski, a pro-life Democrat, has lost his 2020 Primary to a Progressive, pro-abortion Candidate.

But it appears that the Right outdoes the Left in suppressing, even repressing, actual protests and what we call civil disobedience.

Dogmatism is another huge spoiler and killer of dissent and protesting. Those on the Right are not nearly as bad, generally speaking, about political correctness as those on on the Left tend to be. However, when it comes to dogmatism and believing that they have a corner on Truth, the Right do much worse, generally. Several years ago, those in Congress were disputing health care coverage, Citizens with severe physical disabilities were peacefully protesting inside the Capitol building one day chanting, "Don't kill us! Don't kill us!" Capitol police arrested one of them after another. I watched it on TV with disgust and sorrow for the protesters. Months ago, police terrorized peaceful protesters, including journalists, who were protesting the murder of George Floyd. And now, unauthorized federal agents have been terrorizing protesters, pulling them off the streets in what amounts to kidnapping.

I watched, in disgust, as federal government officials recently took to the TV airwaves and declared, "We do not care if Mayors or Governors do not want us in their cities or states. We are going there, anyway." And the U.S. President declared, "I am the law and order President" and "We will deploy federal agents to cities controlled by the Democrats."

What is more, our U.S. President is declaring, "We have to do this." And he plans to deploy such federal agents to other U.S. cities!

How have so many on the Left come to not permit dissent on hot-button issues like abortion? For many years after the 1973 legalization of abortion, pro-life Democrats found a place in the Party. Now few pro-life Democrats are in power or seeking it. And the Party apparently are not seeking to earn the votes of the up to 20 to 29 million pro-life Democratic voters. But isn't dissenting a right?

How have so many on the Right come to view even peaceful protesters as violent, Marxist, even dangerous? For years, many on the Right have exercised their right to protest in rescuing unborn babies from abortion b y protesting outside Planned Parenthood facilities. For years and today, many on the Right are as likely to pray as well as picket outside of abortion facilities. But isn't peaceful protesting a right, even when protests don't center on what we agree with?

"This is not who we are," many are saying. How many times gas this statement been said over the past three and a half years? Sadly, this seems to be what we are well on our way to becoming.

The Oregon Attorney General, in response to attacks on protesters in the city of Portland, Oregon, has decided to sue the federal government. Read article.

Federal agents reportedly drive unmarked vehicles, pulling peaceful protesters of Portland, Oregon streets. This sparks outrage. Read article. 

The Mayor of Portland, Oregon, tells President Donald Trump to "Get your troops out of my city." Read article.

In Seattle, Washington State, police attack protesters, who fled for their lives. Read article.

Sadly, this article reflects how those on the far "right" view those of us who have genuine concerns with matters such as our moving toward what many call "emerging fascism." Read article.

Sadly, a Christian singer lost thousands of Twitter "followers" when she shared her experiences as a victim of racism. Read article.

This article reflects the how many on the political and religious right view protesters, confusing them with those engaging in violence. Read article.

Friday, July 17, 2020

A Pro-life Democrat's Review of GOSNELL

GOSNELL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICA'S MOST PROLIFIC SERIAL KILLER covers the practice of an abortion doctor. Ann McElhinney and Phelm McAleer have co-written the book; both have distinguished themselves in the fields of investigative journalism and filmmaking. Alan Roberstson, of the DUCK DYNASTY family, has written the Foreword for this book. Prominent individuals from the conservative, pro-life community have endorsed the book, including David Daleiden, Katie Pavlich, and Michelle Malkin. The book opens with quotes from Planned Parenthood's website and others. Alan Robertson's Foreward follows. Ann McElhinney has written a Forward. Actual contents occur throughout 13 Chapters. These are followed by Acknowledgements, an Appendix, Notes for Sources and an Index.

In reading this book, I have found much of the material to be disgusting, repulsive, heartbreaking, and disturbing. I have found this to be so not only because of Gosnell's crimes, but because so many others enabled him in those crimes. I feel sympathy even for those who worked for him; I saw them also as exploited and as his prey. I'm saddened at how even otherwise humane, caring people enabled or allowed Gosnell to keep killing. This book really isn't about abortion, even late-term abortion. It is about infanticide and killing infants born alive in an abortion facility. It is also about placing women seeking help at risk, even killing one of them. I cannot fathom how so many Senators of my own Party can oppose and vote against legislation that would have protected infants such as those whose stories are told in this book. To me, if these politicians witnessed these grisly murders first-hand, they would support legislation protecting "born alive aborted infants" in a heartbeat. As vivid and gripping as this book is, I find it tragic that the media did not cover it more widely.

As this book is not technically about abortion, I recommend it to people ages 18 and up. Democrats and others have the greatest need to read it. Sadly, I doubt that most Democratic politicians would have an appetite to read it. I recommend all pro-choice and pro-abortion individuals to read it, to realize that abortion on demand leads to the slippery slope of late-term abortions to murdering babies born alive. Many in the pro-life community have already endorsed this book; reading it would be "preaching to the choir." However, this is a book most of those in the traditional pro-life movement will want to read, if they have not already read it. I also recommend this book for all those on the fence about the sanctity of the life of the unborn. Reading it would open many eyes. Abortion is a bitterly divisive issue, but we all should unite about infants being born alive in abortion clinics being allowed to die, even directly murdered.

I have based this book review on a used, hardback copy of this book. This book is currently available in paperback. It is also available through Indiebound, which directs funds to Endependent and small business bookstores. You need not depend on Amazon to buy your books! You can buy it here and support local bookstores!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fighting Over Black Lives Matter?


Yesterday, I read a provocative and disturbing article. It illustrates how we have become divided along racial lines. Worse, this bitter, hostile divide is occurring even in the Church and in causes where you'd think people would know better and act accordingly. The article, linked below, gives the tragic account of a young Caucasian-American mom who become a victim of gun violence and died. I am saddened and aghast that the young mom, Jessica Doty Whitaker,  responded to apparent Black Lives Matter supporters with a counter statement that "All lives matter." Details of the tragedy that befell her are murky. I could not make out exactly who had caused her death; it seems that an investigation is needed to sort things out. 

However, some details in this article are not murky. Individuals within this young mom's grieving family have gone on record, declaring that they want Black Lives Matter to be officially declared to be a "terrorist organization." One cannot blame them, in the midst of their grief and loss, in its raw form, in taking out their rage at an entire movement. This holds true especially if their only experiences with BLM was Whitaker's encounter with the BLM supporters which had led to her untimely, tragic death and loss, especially for her family. However, the article is only one example of how bitterly we are divided along racial lines. 

How did Black Lives Matter become a movement? 

The high-traffic website illustrates the story of Black lives Matter as a movement. BLM was founded in 2013 in response to the controversial verdict of the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. BLM was founded and morphed into a movement, as a response to centuries of injustice toward the Black community. It had culminated in what many viewed then, and now, as a travesty of justice in the case of young Martin. Despite the launch and growth of BLM, injustices, including fatal ones, have continued toward the African-American community. 

How have we gotten so divided even along racial lines?

We have long experienced racial divisions, since the beginning of slavery hundreds of years ago. The liberation of African-Americans from slavery and the civil rights legislation, has not ended the racial divisions that have been with us long before the emergence of Donald J Trump. His 2016 campaign and Presidency have only intensified and stoked these angry furies and fires of our racial divisions. When Black Lives Matter supporters, activists, and allies use the phrase "black lives matter," they do NOT mean that no other lives matter, or that only black lives matter. TO be clear, they fully intend to underscore how African-Americans have been oppressed and deprived of their fukll humanity, dignity, and citizenship. And BLM people mean their phrase to declare that "Black lives ALSO matter" because, for so long, black lives have not been treated as though they matter. 

So many of us respond to the phrase "Black lives matter" with "All lives matter." The young mom whose tragedy inspired this blog post, apparently paid with her life for using the "All lives matter" phrase with BLM supporters. To be fair to Jessica Doty Whitaker, many fine people have (and continue to) respond to the phrase "Black lives matter" in this way. In the past, I did before I came to see the light and grasped how hurtful this comes off to many African-American people. Sadly, many in the Christian Church and in the traditional pro-life movement, continue to say "All lives matter" and brand BLM as a "leftist, Marxist, corrupt, immoral" and even dangerous movement. Some have gone on the record as stating that they do NOT support BLM and ever will--period,

Yes, I have read the "What We Believe" section on the BLM website, I, As a Christian, I cannot say that I agree with all those statements, or am comfortable with all that BLM supports. However, I fully agree with their call for social justice and the alleviation of structural racism. Yet even if we disagree with BLM activists, supporters and allies on some points, can't we listen to their concerns, fears, and criticisms? Can't we show support for them even while stopping short of endorsing BLM as a movement, or agreeing with all they state that they believe?

This is the article about the young mom's tragic death which has inspired this blog post. Read article.

This article discusses why the phrase "Black Lives Matter" exists and why countering the term with "All lives matter" is not helpful, to say the least. .Read article.

 This is the Black Lives Matter website. Visit website.       

 This is the WIKIPEDIA profile of Black Lives Matter. Learn more.                                                                                         

Friday, July 10, 2020

COVID-19/Coronavirus: Politicizing a Virus?

20200510_121935"20200510_121935" by mgrhode1 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ever since late March 2020, virtually all of us in the United States have joined others who have been living through what had become, since then, a global pandemic. We have lived through what could have become pandemics prior to this, such as H1N1 (Swine Flu). Ebola, and other epidemics. None of these have so profoundly affected United States culture like our current pandemic, known as COVID-19 (Coronavirus). None of these have spread to much of the entire world. None of these have morphed to so many cases on American shores or costs hundreds of thousands of even American lives. None of these have impacted the economy like COVID-19, causing multiplied millions of citizens to lost jobs or businesses, small or large.

The Spanish flu, which dated back to 1918, remains the deadliest pandemic in history. Reportedly, most developed countries have "gotten a handle on" their ability to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). I suspect there may be exceptions, but they have not been widely reported. They have managed to do this through mandating aggressive social/physical distancing and stay-at-home orders, testing, and other measures. They have prevented this current pandemic from becoming much worse than it could have been. Sadly, this has NOT been the case in the United States. 

Tragically, the United States at present, unlike other countries, is seeing a surge in cases in many states. Almost 134.000 Americans have been estimated to have lost their lives to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are seeing, in real time, the cost of living in a democracy which gives sovereignty to each of the 50 states and to Washington, D.C. What has made the difference in the overall COVID-19 situation in the United States? One. President Donald Trump, his administration, and their response to this pandemic, are one part of this puzzle. The other is the response of many of his supporters. 

And what are at the heart of our crises? They are a lack of leadership at the federal level, differences in responses and leadership and responses at the state and local levels, and deep divisions among citizens in our responses to this pandemic. Put in frank terms, many among us, like our President, have politicized this virus. Many of us have arrived at the place where politics and emotion trump science, medicine, and the facts in front of us. And the behaviors public health officials urge us to adopt? Many among have politicized them.

Many Americans have made even the simple act of wearing a mask, or facial coverings in public, a political statement. I see it daily, on social media. Yes, I am aware of the strong, even bitter and angry, divisions on public health vs. individual liberties. Reports tell us that Churches have and continue to, sue government over what they perceive as religious liberty violations and unConstitutional overreach, even abuse of power. 

Eric N. Golub"Eric N. Golub" by sirqitous is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is all a mess! And I have not gotten into much of it. Many in the traditional pro-life movement (many among the "religious right" allege that the other side, "Leftists," are using the pandemic to tout abortion as an "essential service" while closing places of worship. I would go along with those on the Right on this, only I recognize that places of worship often gather huge groups of people into one space. The risks of keeping Planned Parenthood are obvious, certainly to the unborn as well as to their moms and all the staffers inside....

So what is an answer? It is not simple. Maybe we need to start by listening to each other. How about encouraging, even urging those around us to put science, facts, humanity, and plain common sense above politics? 

This is a HISTORY CHANNEL article about the Spanish Flu and its history. Read article.

This is the World Health Organization website (Yes, I know some allege that they support abortion). WHO gives tips about the safe wearing of masks. Read article.

This is what appears to be a fair and balanced article about wearing masks. Read article.

WebMD give their take on wearing masks. Read article.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Democrats, Please Consider This

We are four months away from the General Election of 2020. It is considered the most critical election of our lifetimes. So many of us within this party and outside of it, even in this bitterly divided age. are united on this one matter. Many of us are supporting the Party because we view it as a way to remove a President whom many view as a threat to our very way of life. Leadership among you Democrats are counting on keeping the support of your "base" as well as picking up new voters who had not votes for former Sec. Hillary Clinton in 2016. It would seem that with the current President's high disapproval ratings, that it would be easy for former Vice President, Joe Biden, to win the 2020 election and to win by a large margin.

However, Democrats, one issue may prove to threaten you for this General Election. Research indicates to over 20 million Democrats, any millions more Independents and Republicans, favor restrictions on abortion. The current Democratic Party platform is now allowing abortion to be legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy, to be paid for by the taxpayer when women cannot afford it. Prior to this, Democrats had held the platform of "safe, legal and rare" but now "rare" apparently has been removed from the current Party platform. Democrats, can this be called anything but "abortion extremism"? And will this resonate with millions of voters, uncomfortable with Donald Trump, who are also uncomfortable with what has become the current Democratic Party plank on this issue which is considered a core issue?

Democratic Leadership, your presumptive Nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, has stated that he would work hard to earn every vote that he gets. He has declared that he would welcome anyone into the Party. However, he has most unfortunately, also adopted the current abortion plank in the Party. Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), tells us that he, like the other past Presidential Candidates, have not responded to their efforts to answer surveys/questionnaires sent out to every Candidate during the Primaries. Democratic Leadership, if you truly desire to earn votes, what about  working for the votes of us estimates 20 to even some 30 million pro-life Democrats? Isn't working for voters' support listening to their concerns, fears, and even criticisms? Wisely, you see the need for this in the case of winning youth (30 and under), in the case of working-class voters, and voters of color. But doesn't this apply to us pro-life Democrats as well?

I agree with you on your advocacy for and Party platform on so many social justice issues (which push so many women toward abortion as their "only choice." You know that I'm talking about alleviating poverty and racism and addressing climate change and the crying need for health care coverage for all. I'm also talking about demanding equality for women, immigrants, those with disabilities, and immigration policies that include humane policies for migrants, undocumented people, and asylum seekers. All of these resonate with the majority of voters. But your current far-left abortion plank can lose you many votes down-ballot and also hurt Joe Biden in his Presidential race against Donald Trump. 

Democratic Leadership, if you really are serious about earning every vote and healing and uniting the country, doesn't it make sense to listen to pro-life Democrats and seek to earn our votes, too? And how about responding to the efforts of Democrats for Life of America? Just saying....

Democratic Presidential Candidates have taken thousands of Planned Parenthood Dollars for their campaigns. Read article.
A substantial number of Democrats favor restrictions on abortion. Read article.
As Democratic Leadership adopts abortion extremism, they are taking steps to push pro-life Democrats out of the Party. Read article.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Introducing Myself: Why I Decided to Write

As I write this, it is a holiday, the Fourth of July or Independence Day. It is still morning, Because of the times we currently live in, our family has nothing planned and there is nowhere to go. For economic and other reasons, I have recently deleted a website and the hosting services that I had been using for years. In the background, news is airing. Journalists and commentators are discussing various aspects of the news. These aspects include the conduct and actions of our current U.S. President, Donald J Trump, the holiday and how it is set in context of the racism that currently dominates our public conversation

Before I set up this blog, I was running a website for missing people, unidentified people, and victims. I have been running it for over four years. A series of events, many of them negative, had convinced me that this kind of "advocacy," given my family dynamics and situation, may not be the best fit for me or those I wanted to serve. In fact, I painfully and sadly concluded that many of those whom I was seeking to serve, too often communicated their unhappiness or discontent with what I was doing. I do not want to get into specifics about these matters.

And so I have decided to start this blog and use my domain "Pro-life and Democrat." What is that all about? For as long as I can remember, I have felt that I did not fit in with the traditional pro-life movement, though I myself identify as pro-life and have for as long as I can remember. That is because I also identify as Democrat and support most of the social justice issues that the Party stands strongly for. I just am not with my Party on abortion. And it is for the same reason that I don't feel that I belong with the Democratic Party, because of their pro-abortion stance. "Pro-life and Democrat" may, to many of you on both sides of this issue, may view my domain name and this blog title as an oxymoron, much like talking about honest crooks. 

I am an ardent supporter of "Democrats for Life of America," a political organization (DFLA). They seek to empower pro-life Democrats for positions in public office. They endorse the few pro-life Democrats who are still currently serving in government. DFLA presents itself as the "pro-life wing of the Democratic Party." I do not want this blog to be all about politics, however. But I hope to address any issue as it relates to being pro-life for the unborn as well as their mothers and for all people. For creating a "culture of life" is about far more than working to end abortion and save babies. It is also about contending against the social injustice issues that cause so many to feel that abortion is their "only choice" in their situations. 

And so I hope that you, the reader, will stick around for awhile. I do not expect many on the pro-life side, to agree with me on everything that I write about. Feel free to disagree with me and give me the same right. And let's treat each other with respect. I do not expect many on the left, including many Democrats, to agree with me on everything. Feel free to disagree with me and allow me the same right. And let's treat each other with respect.
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