Friday, July 31, 2020

Abortion Access Social Justice?

Seeking to alleviate poverty and care for the poor is a social justice issue. It is also a Biblical command that is non-negotiable.

Fighting racism is a social justice issue. It is also woven into the Scriptural mandate to love our neighbor as we in fact, presumably love ourselves.

Advocating for "average" workers to be given human treatment and a living wage is a social justice issue. It is also a Scriptural principle.

Insisting on equal rights for women, immigrants, people with disabilities, and others is a social justice issue. It is also part of the Scriptural call to love our neighbor as we presumably love ourselves.

Calling for compassionate in immigration policies toward undocumented people, migrants and asylum-seekers is a social justice issue. It is also the heart of the call to show Godly love to others.

Democrats and others who lean Left, excel at fighting for these social justice issues. We can commend them for doing so. Democrats and others who lean Left, however, have added a social justice issue that has no clear Scriptural backing. Many among the Left are calling for access to abortion for women and families. They contend that this access will assure women of health care, uphold their bodily autonomy, and give them a choice and freedom. Currently, Democrats are even seeking to left all restrictions on abortion and require taxpayers to pay for those who cannot afford them.

But does Scripture support abortion and its access to women and families? For that manner, do science and common sense tell us that we need abortion to empower women and alleviate social ills like poverty, racism, crime and other social ills? 

Those in the pro-life movement are telling us that abortion is not a human right, nor is it health care or even commonsense. Still, Democrats and others who lean Left continue to call for it. However, what the pro-life movement are trying to say to many on the Left, especially to activists and politicians, is not sinking in. "Abortion is murder, "Adoption, not abortion," Abortion stops a beating heart," "She's a child, not a choice," are having only a limited impact on Democrats among politicians and activities who lean Left, as well as among many voters. If these slogans are true, why do so many not not listen or accept these slogans as truth?

Can it be that most in the pro-life movement are not speaking in the language of the Left or answers questions they may not be asking? 

Pro-choice and pro-abortion politicians and activists talk about women's rights, reproductive choice, reproductive rights, and bodily autonomy. They have, for the most part, written off those in the pro-life movement as "anti-choice," "judgmental," "extremist," even "radical." In our bitterly divided culture, the bitter divide among both sides has been getting only worse. As long as so many on the Left make abortion a non-negotiable women's right, and so many on the Right demand Roe vs. Wade to be overturned, the divide well get worse.

Those on the Left, you hold the key to reaching across this bitter divide. Moderate your position on abortion, restore the Hyde Amendment to your platform, fund community health centers, and fund the child welfare system.

Those on the Right, you hold the key to reaching across this divide. Listen to those on the Left, even as you push back on their support of abortion. Stop treating those on the Left like bad, evil, dangerous radicals who hate babies and the families. Instead, seek to work with them on areas where you agree, such as prevention, adoption, and funding of services for women and families.

Allowing abortion to become a political issue has proven to be ineffective, It has hurt the credibility of many on the Right and turned off many on the Left. How often do we hear, "Life begins at conception and stops at birth?" Because of this, the Left often dismiss pregnancy resource centers as "fake anti-choice clinics." Adoption, which the Right so often hold out as an "abortion alternative," tends to be seen as a way to exploit poor, vulnerable pregnant girls and women.

It is time to stop fighting abortion as a "culture war" that requires "pro-life victories" in order to save women and their babies from abortion, or to preserve their "right" to it. I have no easy answers to this. But the way both sides are doing things is not working.

How about making an honest friendship with another who stands on the opposite side of even the abortion issue from you?

This article discusses abortion, social justice, and how both sides have gotten it wrong. Read article.

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This is an unbiased article about abortion and social justice; it seeks to find common ground between Left and Right. Read article.


Arekushieru said...

Sorry, but you're a DINO. And the Bible was not anti-Abortion. Bb

Lisa DeSherlia said...

Arekushieru: I understand why you would not trust any Democrat who does not agree with the Party Leadership about abortion. The Bible can be interpreted as pro-choice or anti-abortion, depending on how you read and interpret it. I can assure you, however, that I am not a "DINO." Despite my stance on abortion, I am very much with the Party on many social justice issues that that GOP does not give priority to nor dismisses. I'm sorry that you feel this way.

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