Monday, September 7, 2020

How is a Pro-life Democrat to Vote?


In a matter of weeks, my family and I should receive our absentee ballots in the mail.
I understand that the state of North Carolina is in the process of mailing out their absentee ballots now.
As a pro-life Democrat who believes that abortion is wrong, my choice should be clear-cut and simple. Risking their tax-exempt status, high-profile pastors and Christian leaders are urging Christians to vote pro-life. Some of them are even calling on Christians to re-elect President Donald Trump.

He has recently stated that if re-elected, he will totally defund Planned Parenthood. 
One pro-life news source quotes him as stating: "I will stand in the trenches to defend the unborn."
This President has spoken at pro-life events. 
He has appointed many anti-abortion judges at all court levels. 
He has shown support for pregnancy resource centers. 
One pro-life leader has called him "the unborn child's best friend."
So why am I not falling all over myself to support Donald Trump?

He has called immigrants criminals and rapists.
He has mocked a reporter with a disability.
He has demanded a travel ban to Muslim countries.
He has called high-profile athlete protesters "---------."
He has allowed top-level security clearances for his daughter and son-in-law. However, intelligence officials have expressed concerns that both were security risks.
He has called for an end to asylum for those fleeing danger from their own lands.
He has called for an end to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This would mean deportation for many people who came to the United States as children illegally, through no fault of their own.
He has threatened to withhold military aid to Ukraine if Ukraine's President declined to announce an investigation into supposed corruption of the son of his political opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.
He has established a policy that has separated many migrant children from their families, deporting many relatives and "disappearing" many children.
He has threatened to stay in office even if he loses the 2020 election. He states that he may not accept the election results.
He has asked voters in North Carolina to vote twice, though this is illegal voting fraud. And he himself may be breaking the law by making this request.
He has mocked those who shed blood, even died in war, as "suckers" and losers."
He frequently demonizes mail in voting as fraudulent, though he and his family reportedly use this absentee voting system to cast their votes. 
He has mocked his political opponent's stutter.
He has reportedly been caught in at thousands of lies.
I can go on and on......

On the other hand, former Vice President, Joe Biden:

He has born unspeakable losses with grace. These include the losses of his first wife and young daughter. Later, he lost his adult son, Beau, whom he was very close to, to cancer.
He has struggled with and largely mastered, a stutter.
He is known best for empathy.
He is known for reaching out to people of any age, including children, who share their needs with him. He even provides his phone number.
He has served as an excellent VP for former President, Barack Obama. The former President speaks highly of his former VP.
He has helped the former President enact many polices that have benefited not only Americans but people all over the world.
He has authored the Violence Against Women's Act.
He has called for a ban on assault weapons.
He has stated that if elected, he will stand up to Russia.
He has plans for the issues surrounding Asian-Americans and African-Americans.
He has a plan for protecting America's faith-based communities.
With the help of others, he has a plan to rebuild the economy from COVID-19.
He has once put forth a detailed plan to combat COVID-19 on his website. (I cannot find it there now).
He has stated that he will work for every vote. He has stated: "This campaign is not about me. It is about you."
He has visited the family of Jacob Blake, the black man gravely wounded in a police-involved shooting. He has visited to Jacob himself.
Until the year 2019, he has consistently upheld the Hyde Amendment, opposing taxpayer funding for abortion. He has called for limiting abortions, stressing that it does not serve women's long-term best interests.

So, with all of Biden's strengths, why am I not falling all over myself to support him?

The answer is simple yet weighty: The former Vice President has called for a repeal to the Hyde Amendment. He now favors taxpayer-funded abortion. Planned Parenthood and NARAL have endorsed him as a Candidate. In a debate, he expressed pride of being endorsed by NARAL.

What can Joe Biden do to earn my vote?

It is simple. He can respond to pro-life political pressure and try to modify his position on abortion--not just to get more votes, but because it is the right thing to do. As deeply as I dislike most Republicans, I must concede that Donald Trump and his Party have it right on this issue. And my Party, the Democrats, fall on the wrong side of abortion.

What can Donald Trump do to earn my vote?

He would have to demonstrate a dramatic transformation and show that he is going to right his many wrongs. 

As a person who deeply dislikes Trump but who finds Biden's pro-abortion stance unacceptable, I soon will have to make my tough call. Shall I vote for Trump's horrific agenda because I am with him on abortion and religious liberty? Shall I vote for Biden, whom I am with on many issues but whose abortion platform has become too extreme? Shall I vote for a Third Party Candidate who cannot win? Shall I decline to vote for a President? 

If only, if only, if only.............

This page is devoted to both Candidates' position on issues. View resource.

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Bill Samuel said...

I am a consistent life ethic supporter, not an anti-abortion Democrat. So I include the issue of war, on which both duopoly parties are really bad and on which Biden has a terrible record (and which Democrats for Life does not work). Given the President's tremendous unilateral power in this area, I think that should be the first consideration in voting for this specific office. I think this issue alone clearly disqualifies both duopoly candidates, and I'm not sure which one is worse on it.

Biden has not been consistently empathetic. Sometimes he is downright nasty. Recently a prominent progressive woman of color offered to volunteer for him, despite disagreeing with him on some significant issues. The campaign's response was a nasty denunciation of her, apparently for supporting human rights. He also has a long record of lying, which forced his withdrawal from an earlier campaign for President. He has often appealed to the worst instincts in people, such as in his championship of mass incarceration legislation, and his convenient switch from supporting school desegregation in his locality to leading the crusade against it and proposing an amendment to the Civil Rights Act to limit the ability of courts to enforce desegregation.

As a consistent life ethic supporter, I could not in good conscience vote for either duopoly candidate. We have to stop lowering our standards drastically to vote for such candidates. 60% of the American people say neither duopoly party represents them. If they would just refuse to vote for a party which doesn't represent them, we could oust these parties which have brought so much harm to the USA and the world.

Lisa DeSherlia said...

Hello, Bill Samuel:

Thank you for your honest comment. In the current system we are in, we are forced to choose between one party or the other. I agree with you that Joe Biden is not perfect and has flip-flopped on some issues. I do not see that he has an empathy deficit or a history of lying. It is only his current position on abortion that leaves me unsettled.

I hope and pray that there will be reforms in our broken two party system to enfranchise all voters.

Lisa DeSherlia

Bill Samuel said...

This is simply not true. We are not forced to vote for one of the duopoly parties. We can vote for whomever we choose. As long as people act like sheep and stick to the duopoly, things will never get better.

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