Friday, January 29, 2021

A Pro-life Democrat Reviews THE BABY SCOOP ERA by Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh


This book focuses on the period called the Baby Scoop Era. This is the time after World War II to Roe vs. Wade. The author faced the trauma of being separated by her baby in a crisis pregnancy and was forced to "give up" her baby for adoption. Thoroughly researched and documented, Wilson-Buterbaugh covers this era when thousands of girls and women, also facing crisis pregnancies, likewise faced coercion to "give up" their babies for adoption. Families, social workers, and other adoption professionals bullied and shamed these girls and women into forced infant adoptions as a response to crisis pregnancies.

In the front of this book, advocates for adoptees and biological mothers writes endorsements for this book. Wilson-Buterbaugh opens this volume with Acknowledgements for those who made THE BABY SCOOP ERA possible. She follows this with a Preface, a Mother's Story, and an Introduction. Then the author spreads her actual content across 26 chapters. She wraps up this volume with six appendices which she rans by letter. One of them defines terms she used throughout this book. The she finishes it all with References (A Bibiography) and an Author Bio. Quotes and anecdotes abound in this book. 

From the very title of this book, I could determine that the author wrote this book from the perspective of biological parents (particularly the mom) and the adoptee. The thrust of this book does not line up with the rose-colored glasses view of adoption that the Christian community and the pro-life community so often espouse. When I read one pro-life book (reviewed on this blog) and that author's take on adoption, I was put off when the author claimed that adoptees rarely search for their biological parents. That author, who brands herself as a "pro-life feminist," makes the case for why adoptions should be closed and single motherhood discouraged, strongly. That author wrote as a Catholic. This book, written from a secular perspective, is the answer to that pro-life book I reviewed earlier on this blog. 

Wilson-Buterbaugh uses anecdotes and documentation to make a powerful case against closed adoption, particularly when that adoption is forced and against the biological mother's will. The author's argument is that single motherhood or teen marriage are the "lesser of two evils" in contrast to the forced adoptions that so many biological moms and their babies had to endure for decades prior to Roe vs. Wade. Despite this subject matter and her position on it, Wilson-Buterbaugh does not see the alternatives as abortion vs. adoption. No, she clearly views the alternatives as parenting vs. adoption. In fact, the author rarely mentions the word abortion throughout the entire book. Too often, the pro-life movement oversell the positives about adoption and seldom address its complexities. 

Yes, I am fully aware that advocates for the unborn will not find this a pleasurable read. To those whose work depends on presenting women in crisis options, including adoption, it is tempting to present a rosy picture of adoption without pointing to adoption's realities. It is NOT an ideal option. This book may come off as anti-adoption because it describes an era where the practice was abused. But no one, even if her pregnancy is unplanned or even unwanted, should feel coerced into adoption. Placing a child in adoption should be free and voluntary. The abuses of the past, as described in this book, were cruel and vile and should be strongly denounced by any pro-lifer.

Those in the Christian community and in the pro-life movement, especially their leaders, ought to read this book. It would give them insight as to why so many women facing crisis pregnancies choose abortion over adoption. Christians and pro-lifers need to understand that while adoption is a "Godsend" and lifesaver for many biological parents and children, it carries the potential to hurt and harm many others when they feel even the appearance of pressure to turn to adoption. Every social worker and every other adoption professional ought to read this book. This book, however, may prove too "triggering" for many biological mothers and adoptees.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

A New President, A Controversial Anniversary & Unity Talk

In the United States, we gained a new President.
He has already lived over seven decades on this Earth.
We also have gained a new Vice President.
She makes history as the first woman and one of color, to ever ascend to this role.
In the United States, one chamber in Congress becomes evenly divided between parties.
We see the African-American ever from deep "red" Georgia.
Twenty-eight years ago, the United States Supreme Court made a controversial decision.
This choice has caused divisions in relationships, churches, and politicians. 
About one half of a nation is celebrating the change in leadership.
About one half of that same nation is grieving and/or angry, scared, or devastated.
We remain as divided as ever.

This photo is courtesy of Manny Becerra and can be found here.

January 20 and in the afternoon, we Americans saw the Presidency switch the reigns of power. Joe Biden took the helm of power as President. Donald Trump became, once more, a private citizen.
Kamala Harris took the reigns of power as Vice President. Mike Pence became, once more, a private citizen. Wall to wall media coverage of Donald Trump and the activities of his Administration abruptly stopped. That media coverage has shifted to coverage of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. My Twitter and Facebook are blowing up with posts either celebrating or railing against the new leadership. Our new President continually calls for unity and healing. Many are objecting to this, especially in the light of past scandals in the Trump Administration which have not met with justice or accountability. "No justice or accountability, no justice or unity." With the exception of his policies on abortion or its related issues, our new President appears ready to move to the ideological center on most issues. This is where he has been on many issues.

January 22 was the controversial anniversary. I'm talking about the 47th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. That was the day when the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion should be legal. Our past President, despite countless scandals and controversies, was called the "most pro-life President in United States history." The current President, despite his show of compassion, authenticity, empathy, and stable leadership, is being dubbed as the "most pro-abortion President in United States history." It would be safe to say that if abortion was taken out of politics, both Presidents would be rated totally differently. Biden talks about unity and healing. It is unclear, however, how he can achieve either as long as he remains unresponsive to the concerns and objections of the pro-life community and religious Right Christians. They comprise millions of Americans. Already, many in the community are harshly criticizing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Reportedly, President Biden is set to "codify" abortion and is branding it as "reproductive healthcare" and "the right to choose." He also has resolved to reverse a number of anti-abortion executive orders that former President Donald Trump had put in place. Citing our new President's promise to unify this country, many pro-lifers are sharply castigating Joe Biden. "How will abortion extremism unify America?" they are demanding to know.

This photo is courtesy of Vince Fleming and can be found here. here.

This photo is courtesy of Martin Sanchez and can be found here.

And last but not least, the U.S. Senate became evenly divided on January 20, 2021. Yes, Vice President Kamala Harris has the tie-breaking vote If a vote is evenly divided. Many who based their votes on race relations or the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic currently are celebrating. We spent four years under a Presidency that was unfriendly to race relation policies. In the past year, We have dealt with a major leadership vacuum in the war against coronavirus. The new President is making racial justice and a national strategy to manage COVID-19 priorities in this Presidency. Whatever your feelings about his many executive orders, they reflect his priorities. The current global pandemic currently tops the list. Now the country is seeing a dramatic shift in priorities and policies. For the past four years, the unborn, the religious Right,  and the pro-life movement had a champion. But those gains came at the steep price of the pandemic, race relations, humane immigration policy, economic justice, and much more. Now things have reversed dramatically. Now, many marginalized groups have gained a champion in the White House. But the unborn, the religious Right, and the pro-life movement have lost a champion. 

When will we gain a President who embodies a consistent life policy from womb to tomb?

On January 22, 2021, Roe. vs. Wade passed its 28th anniversary. This is a WIKIPEDIA profile of the landmark event. Read article here.
President Joe Biden has signaled that he is committed to upholding Roe vs Wade. Read article.
This article details Joe Biden's agenda. Read article.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Whose Life is More Valuable?


"Black lives matter!"
"Keep your knees off our necks!"
"All lives matter!"
"Stop racism!"
"Abortion stops a beating heart!"
"End abortion!"
"Abortion kills babies!"
"My body! My choice!"
"Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!"
"Let's love them both!"

Photo by Jonathan Borba. Find photo here.

At this time, there is a fierce debate about the beginning of life. Many call it a "culture war." Some call it a "clash of absolutes." Most of us feel intensely uncomfortable with the topic of abortion. The word itself triggers many people who have any connections with it. This includes anyone who has faced an unplanned pregnancy and has had to make the painful decision about what to do about the life conceived. It includes anyone who has had an abortion. And many people conceived in tough circumstances may find the word abortion triggering. 

Simple belief systems either way make us emotional about this topic. Even at home, I hesitate to bring up the topic. This is because when I even imply my feelings on the topic, my encounters with family members become highly emotional. Many years ago, when I raised the topic of abortion with my doctor, he was visibly uncomfortable with the topic. At my local congregation, our pastor has reportedly stated that "we cannot become political." Neither side, pro-life or pro-choice, views abortion as a topic on which we can "agree to disagree." Both sides, whether placing weight on life for the unborn or choice for women, view abortion as a core issue.

One major bone of contention is that each side believes that other side devalues one life. Pro-lifers' mission is to stop other people from devaluing the lives of the unborn. The legalization of abortion has given them a powerful "talking point" to do this. Pro-choicers believe that pro-lifers, despite what they say, devalue the life of the woman. They point to the fact that many pro-lifers remain silent about social justice issues that affect women directly, including pay equity, paid family leave, and sexual misconduct or crimes that victimize women more than men. Pro-choicers also point to the reality that when addressing women's issues, pro-lifers focus mainly on crisis pregnancy intervention and post-abortion care. They argue that addressing women's issues seems to go this far but no farther.

Photo by Vince Fleming. Find Photo here.

At this time, there is a bitter debate about race relations and justice. Many call it the "race wars." Many call it the "conversation we must have." People of color, especially African-Americans and Latinos, typically lead in discussions about race relations. This is because racism affects them directly and we tend to be passionate and knowledgeable about matters that impact is directly. This does not mean that even people agree on every race-related issue. There is plenty of diversity within these communities; no community is a monolith. As proved by voting tallies by the outgoing President, a substantial number of African-Americans and Latinos lean conservative. Donald Trump gained in his support from these groups in 2020. 

Unlike the topic of abortion, I find it much easier too discuss race relations within my family. This is because we lean Left. Racial justice is at the heart of social justice issues, the domain of those who lean Left. We are Caucasian but we admit that we have benefitted from white privilege. We only need follow the news to realize that most acts of violence are directed against communities of color, especially African-Americans. It surely is uncomfortable and painful to admit that if we are white, that our race is responsible for untold suffering and oppression that continue to this day. Outside my family, however, I'm aware that most in my sphere of influence no doubt feel uncomfortable with discussing any issues pertaining to race. This includes many pro-lifers and those in the Christian community. 

I cannot count the times I have seen white Evangelicals and pro-lifers have heated up rhetoric about Black Lives Matter nonprofit and movement. Many have attacked the integrity and characters of Black Lives Matter and their supporters--calling them "leftist," "radical," "socialist," Marxist," and even "racist." The main reason is the nonprofit's official Left-leaning stances on social issues. This is one more sign of how tribal and divided we have become. The "Black Lives Matter" nonprofit and their network of allies and supporters tend to be a highly divisive, emotional topic in the Christian community and in the pro-life community. This tribalism is so pronounced that many pro-lifers and white Christian Evangelicals seem unable to differentiate between peaceful protesters and violent demonstrators. Though evidence indicates that most Black Lives Matter protesters conduct their events peacefully, many in the pro-life or conservative Christian community believe that most of Black Lives Matter protesters are violent "antifa" demonstrators.

So why do movements like the pro-life movement (unborn lives) and the Black Lives Matter movement (African-American lives) seem to value some lives above others? Actually, they do not. It is just that both movements focus on the lives of certain groups which are experiencing oppression that other groups are not going through. The pro-life movement come off as valuing the lives of the unborn above the women's, because the woman's life is typically not on the line when she seeks an abortion. In the case of Black Lives Matter, those in the movement focus on African-American lives because of current and historical black oppression. These special interest movements advocate for certain groups, seeking to protect them through focusing on their lives. No one's life matters more than another. The biblical analogy of the body comes to mind. When one part of your body hurts, you focus on it. This is the case in the Body of Christ and in the case of special interest groups. 

Yes, all lives matter. But because of oppression, we need to stress that babies' lives matter and black lives matter. Both are true!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Pro-Lifers & Religious Right, Does Donald Trump Still Speak for You?


Whoever you are, someone you view as "greater" or having more power or prestige, speaks for you.
They represent your views and you identify with them.
On what you see as core values, you agree with this person's stance.
This is true even if you may not agree with the person on what you view as "secondary issues."
This holds true even if the person may not show stellar character.
Two groups of you have traditionally, consistently, and overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016 and in 2020.
I am speaking to you who identify as either evangelical Right Christians, or pro-life (and many of you identify with both categories).
You have overwhelmingly supported and voted for Donald Trump in both his Presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020.
Overlooking much of his rhetoric and behavior that stands at odds with Christian values, the pro-life message, even common decency, you have endorsed him because of his anti-abortion and pro-religious liberty stances.
Despite one scandal after another over these past four years, you have stood with and behind Donald Trump.
Yes, up to the time of his election defeat, he has never let you down in upholding and prioritizing the two issues you hold dear.
And then January 6, 2021 happened.
With family members, Donald Trump held a rally outside the D.C. Capitol as Members of Congress met to certify Joe Biden's election victory.
Despite an initial peaceful protest, Donald Trump and his family members call on people to march to the Capitol building and shown strength in the fight to take back our country.
And people stormed the Capitol, setting an insurrection in motion.....
Multiple social media outlets, including Twitter, have suspended Donald Trump's accounts on their platforms.

I expected more of a bipartisan denunciation of the horrific events on January 6, from all sides of the ideology spectrum. Apparently, I am wrong. Again, I witness people moving into their tribes and corners about a clearly violent, criminal, anti-democratic event at the D.C. Capitol building. People who subscribe to Left or Center ideologies unequivocally, from the very beginning, have condemned the January 6 tragic event as an "attack on democracy," an "assault on the Republic," an "act of domestic terrorism," an "attempted coup" and an "act of insurrection." Going by the images we saw on out TV screens in real-time, and can watch any time on archive, these characterizations are accurate, fair, and proper. I believed that those on the Right would see these events the same way. After all, many people could have DIED and at least FIVE did. This includes two police officers!

And, yet, how have many on the Right responded to this historic event and many details surrounding it? To be fair, many Religious Right Evangelic leaders condemned the January 6, 2021 attack on the D.C. Capitol building and its violence. Virtually all expressed sadness rather than outrage. Yes, we should have sadness over sin. I understand that many in the Christian community fear to express outrage, as many rightfully fear that our anger will end up being sinful. Yes, this is a risk! But it seems to me that if certain things don't make our blood boil, that we may either be indifferent out out of touch with our emotions. In these condemnations, I saw very little denunciation of the roles which Donald Trump, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and members of the Trump family played in inciting the attack on the D.C. Capitol. Their words at the rally before the attack were caught on tape. Perhaps many on the Right did not view that part of the event? I believe I know better.

I have fervently hoped that this horrific January 6 event would be a deal-breaker for both the Christian Right and the pro-life movement. My research has suggested otherwise. It appears that too many pro-life leaders and other prominent people in the Christian community, have remained largely silent on all of this. Or they have been subtle or nuanced in their commentary, calling for peace, healing, and unity. Yes, we want peace, healing, and unity! But, in the meantime, how can we call for these things when people at the highest levels of government need to be brought to justice? How can we call for these things when it's clear that hate, rage, white nationalism, and white supremacy have become mainstream? Can we really call for peace when we have no peace? Many Republicans reportedly are now calling for unity in a time of too many loose ends (such as their party not explicitly admitting that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the 2020 election. 

Sadly, from my observation, most pro-lifers have not spoken out strongly against the attempted coup attempt against not only the D.C. Capitol but against the entire United States. From what I have observed, some did denounce the actual insurrection, stating that violence is never the way to solve problems, and so forth. I have not seen anyone criticize Donald Trump or anyone else for the efforts to overturn the election and for the "election fraud" narrative, that precipitated all this. It only took a tour through my social media feeds and other research to figure it out. The day of the attack, I saw a tweet that came off as snarky. The pro-lifer denounced a publishing company for canceling a book contract with a prominent Senator because of what it observed as conduct that enabled the January 6 insurrection. She tweeted her unwavering support for Donald Trump, even in light of what had happened that day.

Actually, I could sympathize with this pro-lifer's reaction. But I believe elected officials ought to be held to a higher standard! I encountered a screenshot to a tweet by a state Governor. He tweeted his ongoing support of Donald Trump and that he did not rule out voting for Trump if the outgoing President chooses to campaign in 2024. A pro-life, pro-religious liberty "think tank" criticized Simon & Schuster for for refusing to publishing a Senator's forthcoming book, as they see him as complicit in the January 6 insurrection. Still another pro-lifer, who was silent on the January 6 attempted coup, tweeted criticism of social media for shutting down conservative speech. She also posted her denunciations on her Facebook page. In the days following Donald Trump's ban from Twitter, pro-lifers and religious Right people criticized Twitter. "Cancel culture!" many on the Right are exclaiming. Are many of us in the pro-life community more outraged about the "big tech" censorship that is going on than by the insurrection against the United States that has triggered it?\

I "get it." I hate to be "canceled" when someone believes I have pulled off what they see as a "deal breaker." And I have been victim of this "cancel culture" often, typically for posting material that others see as offensive. However, the pro-life movement often states" The right to life is the most basic and essential right all of us have." Well, doesn't that apply to all of those affected by the January 6 insurrection? ALL lives were in danger and six people died. This is not to minimize abortion or to start acting like it is "no big deal." But if we fail to forcefully condemn the deadly attack on the Capitol as forcefully as we condemn the killing of the unborn, the general public will be justified in the complaint: "The pro-life movement is no more than an anti-abortion movement." Donald Trump has brought pro-life legislative gains to the movement. These should be celebrated. But have these gains come at the price of credibility and having to "sell out" key values of compassion, social justice, racial justice, and morality?

Is it worth it to allow outgoing President Donald Trump continue to speak for the Christian/pro-life community?

This article includes a list of ALL 147 GOP (and pro-life) Members of Congress who voted to overturn the electoral college votes AFTER the January 6 insurrection. Read article.

This article makes a case for why what happened on January 6 was an attempted coup. Read article.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

January 6, Let Us Never Forget


Members of Congress get together to  count electoral votes and certify the Joe Biden victory.

A President tells his supporters to fight and not back down.

Congress begins their debating.

Trump supporters gather from other parts of the country in front of the Capitol.

At first, it seems to have started out as a peaceful protest.

They were protesting what they insisted was "widespread election fraud."

And then, things happened in a blur...

Angry mobs of Trump supporters enter the Capitol building. 

Members of Congress are evacuated.

Many have to huddle under chairs and furniture in the upper chamber.

Angry mobs of people continue to pour into the Capitol.

One man wears a black shirt saying "Holy Bible."

Someone carried a Confederate flag into the Capitol.

A woman sat in the front chamber and in the House Speaker's chair.

A man sat in the House Speaker's back office chair, slouching back in it as if it were his.

Some carry weapons in with them.

Many lawmakers keep huddling in hopes of staying in a place of relative safety.

Police appear to have lost control of this mess, completely overwhelmed.

Everyone in Congress goes into lockdown for hours.

Many, many people are calling for Donald Trump's instant removal from office.

Five people die, including a police officer.

Many in the Trump Administration resign.

The day after this insurrection, over 4000 Americans die from COVID-19.

Like so many, many others, I watched in horror as what began as a peaceful protest escalated into a full-blown domestic terrorist attack, sedition, insurrection, and a coup attempt. Still, I was not completely surprised. Yesterday was a slow build from these past four years. Throughout this time, we have heard of many attacks on a smaller scale. Even back in 2016, during his first Presidential campaign, Donald Trump encouraged violence at one of his rallies. After encouraging the would-be perpetrator's desired violence, Trump "promised,": "And I will pay the legal bills." This was caught on videotape.

During 2016, I was able to find footage that captured what appeared to be calls to violence and messages of hate against undocumented people. It was caught on videotape. Last year, the murder of George Floyd and the absence of accountability for police, spawned nationwide protests. Reports indicate that most of them were peaceful. Protesters held protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota. "Police" in tactical gear, without identification, showed up. They showed violence toward protester, teargassing some. Reports are that President Trump had his Attorney General, William Barr, "deploy" these "police." As I write, an Inspector General reportedly is looking into this matter.

Throughout his Presidency, Donald Trump has so often used the language of fighting. "Take our country back!" "We won't back down!" During his recent 2020 election, President Donald Trump said about his reactions to his election defeat: "I will not stop fighting." "This fight is not over." "I will never concede this election!:" "I won! I won! This election is rigged!" He threatened his Vice President, Mike Pence; "If you do not come through for us, I will not like you very well." Furious that his VP followed the law and certified President-Elect Joe Biden's victory, Trump and Pence reportedly have not spoken after the January 6 act of insurrection.

More Republicans express a desire to hold Donald Trump accountable. Many Democrats lawmakers are taking steps to hold an expedited second impeachment of Donald Trump. The current Department of Justice has just announced that they do not expect to charge anyone who spoke at the rally, where speakers incited the violence at the January 6 insurrection. Only a minority of the GOP are expressing support of Donald Trump, after what occurred on January 6. These include a pro-life activist and the Ohio Governor, Mike De Wine. I saw their tweets, De Wine's via screenshot. Many individuals and publications are calling on Senators Josh Hawley and, to a lesser degree, Senator Ted Cruz, to resign.

So many of the Religious Right and among the pro-life movement have informally anointed President Donald Trump as "the most pro-life President in United States history." Donald Trump may have supported and promoted many policies that uphold protections for the unborn and religious liberty. But if religious Right people and pro-lifers are honest, they will admit that all their victories have come at a high price. Many pro-life victories have come at the price of the lives of immigrants, undocumented people, African-Americans, migrant families, and have risked democracy. After his 2020 loss, Donald Trump has almost completely "checked out" on his job. All his focus became fighting a widespread election fraud that comes without evidence. Along with this, Trump's fight for the unborn and religious liberty came to a virtual halt.

Yes, I know that it is painful to admit what the January 6 insurrection has revealed about Donald Trump and certain GOP politicians. The alternative, abortion extremist politicians, hardly seems much more attractive. Yet has embracing Donald Trump, even hailing him as "the most pro-life President in United States history" been worth four years of of many millions of people, whose lives are also sacred, suffering immensely under a Trump Presidency?

This is one day we must never forget.

During a George Floyd protest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, "police" are deployed and grow violent toward peaceful protesters. Read article.

Federal prosecutors are looking at all actors involved in the January 6 riots, including the role President Donald Trump incited in inciting these riots. Read article.

This article gives a list of ALL the GOP Members of Congress who voted to overturn the electoral college vote AFTER the January 6 insurrection. Read article.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Hello, New Year 2021


Hello to many of the same challenges we faced in 2020.
COVID-19 cases soar to about 20,000,000 cases.
The virus has now claimed over 350,000 American lives.
A sitting President resolves to fight the election even as Congress is set to certify the Joe Biden victory in the first week of this new year.
Some 140 House Members and 12 Senators vow to fight the 2020 election results come the sixth of January.
A sitting President is calling for a protest come that day.
Stop the Steal has become a huge movement and a social media hashtag.
In a day, two races in a state will determine who holds Senate power.
One day, an hour-long audiotape surfaces.
On this tape, we hear a President demanding that a Secretary of State "find votes" to flip that state from Joe Biden to him.
Meanwhile, a virus rages all over the richest country in the world.
Experts tell us that we have not seen the worst of this.
Patients overwhelm hospitals to and beyond capacity.
Hospital workers have to expand capacity to include gift shops, parking lots, cafeterias, and everywhere else in order to treat the patients who flood them.
Ambulances must wait for hours to hold patients before these someone can treat them.
A UK-grown COVID-19 variant appears in several states.
It may have been among us for a long time.
About 4,000,000 vaccines have gone into the arms of Americans though many times more vaccines have been distributed to every states.
Critical staff shortages, lack of funds, and lack of a co-ordinated national response keep many more vaccines on shelves than can get into Americans' arms.
States most fend for themselves.
One side cannot wait for January 20 to get here.
The other side are gearing up to protest so that the reason for anticipation for the date is invalidated.

Just because the calendar says we turned the corner into another year does not mean that we will not face many of the same challenges of the past year. Common sense will tell us that. We still have over two weeks to go of Donald Trump. Until January 20 when Joe Biden is inaugurated, Donald Trump retains all the power of the title of President. He apparently is fiercely determined to take his hurt, letdown, and anger at having lost the 2020 election, on the entire United States. In fact, we are facing many of these challenges right now!

Yes, it hurts to lose an election. The sitting President, like any Candidate, put in massive energy and much money into his 2020 campaign. But any Candidate, especially Presidential Candidates, have done the same things. Unlike Trump. however, virtually every losing Candidate, Presidential and down-ballot, have conceded their elections. Like Trump, they have found losing to be a tough, bruising, and painful experience. But they accept that in a democracy, there are winners and losers. Conceding an election, tough as that is, upholds democracy.

Yet this sitting President insists that he is a special case. Apparently, he is "too good" to lose. The most depressing and scary part of it is that he can use the powers of his Presidency as an outlet for his anger. Sadly, he is. Worse, many other politicians of his party are joining him in his post-campaign efforts to fight the 2020 election. Even worse, many millions of voters have come to believe that the election has been stolen from the sitting President. Saddest of all, many among these consist of those who identify as Christians or pro-life.

Sadly, many people who identify as religious Right or pro-life about abortion support Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims of election fraud and a stolen election. Multiple recounts have been done in each of the "swing states" that Joe Biden won. Georgia has conducted three recounts, at Donald Trump's request. They conducted a hand re-count, a machine re-count, and an audit. Unfortunately, two publications, targeted to anti-abortion readers, are standing behind Donald Trump's voter fraud allegations. What does this do? It turns people off to the cause of Christ and to to call to protect the lives of the unborn. This is as serious as it gets!

I find it extremely sad and heartbreaking that the overwhelming majority of those in the Christian and in the pro-life communities remain silent on this matter. What many GOP Congressmen and Senators signal they plan to do on January 6 is nothing less than an attempted coup on out American democracy. It is tragically ironic that virtually all the GOP Members of Congress who plan this anti-democratic and seditious move, brand themselves as pro-life. Tell me, what is so pro-life about trying to disenfranchise millions of voters and say their votes do not matter?

I get that all these GOP Members of Congress detest the politics of of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I grasp that they disagree with him on abortion and a wide variety of other issues. Many religious Right and pro-life voters may be thinking: At least these people defend the unborn, even if they do so in an anti-democratic way. And if they can overturn the election of a pro-choice Joe Biden, won't the end justify the means? Isn't it worth breaking Congressional oaths, betraying the country, and overriding the will of voters? Aren't the issues of abortion, the lives of the unborn, and religious liberty worth it and give new meaning to "the lesser of two evils"?

Yes, protecting the unborn is a weighty issue. It is a matter of life and death. And protecting religious liberty is another weighty issue. Restricting the free practice of religion violates freedom of conscience. Yet fidelity to the truth is also a weighty issue. Every one of the Members of Congress recite an oath to protect and defend America and the Constitution. Following through on this planned sedition would violate that sacred oath. Members of Congress would, in mounting this coup, not only be lying but would be strengthening those lies with an oath. They would be acting as stumbling blocks to countless sincere people who may be open to the pro-life message. They would exhibit racism as so many Americans who voted for Joe Biden are people of color.

We said good-bye to 2020. Yet 2021, even under a new President, will carry its own sets of challenges. In some ways, they may just be different.

A tape of an hour-long conversation with the Georgia Secretary of State, has been released. Read article. A transcript of the hour-long call can be found here.
Twelve Senators are planning to object to Joe Biden's victory on January 6. Read article.
Some 140 Members of Congress plan to contest Joe Biden's victory on January 6. Read article.

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