Friday, February 26, 2021

Pro-Life Democrat Reviews IN THEIR VOICES by Rhonda M Roorda


IN THEIR VOICES: BLACK AMERICANS ON TRANSRACIAL ADOPTION by Rhonda M. Roorda, is a series of essays about this topic. Herself a transracial adoptee, Roorda has compiled a series of essays about the topic of transracial adoption. Adoption professionals, adoptive parents, adoptees, and other notable individuals have penned essays about their views about the topic as well as their own experiences with it. The front cover consists of an enlarged image of parts of a Caucasian parent's chest, with an African-American baby sniggled on there. 

Rhonda M. Roorda opens this volume with a Forward, written by Leon W. Chestang, PhD.. She includes her own Preface and follows up with Acknowledgements of many of those who made her book possible. Roorda spread the writers' content across Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. Each Part contains multiple essays by the writers, with Part Three containing the most essays of all. The Editor wraps up Part Three with a Conclusion and an Afterward. She ends this volume with an Appendix (of transracial adoption resources), Notes (for this book), and References (for readers who desire to learn more). 

Transracial adoption is a fascinating and rather controversial topic. The few times I have encountered transracial families (Caucasian & African-American) have normally been in worship service settings. I know that the former President's last Supreme Court pick had adopted adopted transracially twice; both her children come from Haiti. I have read Christian authors who have completed such transracial adoptions. The one adopted from Haiti, the other within Uganda. Weeks ago, I saw someone retweet a Twitter user who completed a transracial adoption out of foster care. Myself, I have long been interested in transracial adoption. However, life circumstances render it virtually impossible for me to do it myself. This book was not written from a Christian perspective. However, the Editor and all essayists support transracial adoption, even after discussing its complexities.

Technically. this month wraps up Black History Month (which should be all year long). I hear quite little about the topic of interracial adoption in mainstream media, despite extensive coverage of race relations. I see little point in waiting on the media to cover this important topic, or feature guests who share that they're transracial adoptees. However, like all other aspects of race relations and racial history, transracial adoption should be included. I like how Roorda included essayists who had different perspectives and different life experiences. I found this book quite informative and enlightening. And it does discuss the arguments people, particularly African-Americans, give for why they are leery of transracial adoption or oppose it. 

I recommend this book for everyone who is touched by adoption, particularly transracial adoption. This includes adoptive parents, adoptees, biological parents, and adoption professionals. I also recommend it for the members of the pro-life movement and the Christian community. When we promote adoption, we need to be aware of its complexities. Adoption is a wonderful institution, but in almost every case, it is based on loss, separation, pain, tragedy, and grief and/or abuse or abandonment. IN THEIR VOICES makes this point effectively.

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