Can You Be Christian & Democrat?


Many on the Right would answer No the the question: "Can you be a Christian and a Democrat?" Most of them would declare that a person cannot follow Jesus and support the Democratic Party.

Many on the Left would answer, "Church and State must be kept totally separate." They would answer Yes but qualify it it by declaring that "Religion should be kept out of politics."

I identify first as a Christian and a Christ-follower. I am the first to state that I am far from perfect. I identify as pro-life, because the Bible makes it clear that God sees us as human from the day we are conceived. Science may not state definitively that life starts at conception. But even common sense would tell us that it is wise to err on the side of life. We know that we start out as single-cell organisms. But our cells rapidly develop. This indicates that life has begun then. Democrats side with the vulnerable. Who is more vulnerable than an unborn life? But many Democrats, including political Leadership, do not side with these vulnerable lives.

As for religious liberty, Democrats today seem to define that is freedom from religion rather than freedom for religion. What is their thinking on this? It seems that they only want to be inclusive,. And to be inclusive, they need to welcome LGBTQ people, those who favor "abortion rights." and those who identify with no religion. To do this, they define religious freedom as freedom from religion.

The Old Testament recognized theocracy (kings ruling with Biblical principles) as a valid form of government style. In the New Testament, non-democratic government styles continued to exist. Democracies and voting rights did not exist in the Bible. Jesus was apolitical when He walked the Earth as God the Son. He recognized politics but He did not weigh in on it, except to state that we owe our allegiance to Him, and and to give the government their due. Voting and politics did not exist as we know it today. 

The Bible has little to say about which political Party we should align with. Our central loyalty is supposed to be to God, not to any politician or Party. We are to find our hope and identities in Jesus, not in politics or politicians. Our political Parties are both flawed because both of them have been built by imperfect people like us. In the United States and and throughout the world, every government style and every political ideology has its flaws and its virtues. This is because they are built on imperfect people. The one perfect Man who walked this Earth was apolitical. But we do not know how He would have acted in a democracy, where the right to vote reigns. 

What is Christianity? It teachings are based on the Bible. We who are Christians hold that God is a God of absolute justice and hates sin. Sin is defined as any deviation from His will as expressed in His principles for our thoughts, attitudes, and behavior in Scripture. We also hold the God is a God of perfect love and loves all humans. Because of His perfect love and absolute justice, God sent His Son Jesus to this Earth. Jesus, as God the Son, lived a perfect human life, died a criminal's death on a cross in our place, and rose again. Jesus's perfect life and atoning death satisfied God's demands for justice for sin AND His love for sinners. We hold that He now lives in Heaven and God the Holy Spirit lives in Christians, who are known as the Church.

Republicans typically are called "the Christian Party" or the "Party of God" because they align on the side of religious liberty, anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion. The Democratic Party are often called the "anti-God Party" and the "Party of immorality" because of their general support for gay marriage and abortion. However, many of us voters transcend either political party. I, for one, identify as one of them. That is what this blog is all about.

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