Can You Be Pro-Life & Democrat?

It is sad, even tragic, that these vital life issues divide us so much. On the right, politicians, activists, and grassroots supporters focus on ending abortion and fighting for the unborn,. Maybe to a lesser degree (but which should increase due to the aging the the population), those who lean right also focus on ending euthanasia and fighting for the aging, the dying, and those who desire to die. All these are commendable, needed, and based solidly in Scripture, which tells us that God recognizes us as human being from the moment of conception. It is quite unfortunate, however, that those on the right tend to view ending abortion and euthanasia as "Core issues" and "primary issues." And they tend to view social justice issues as "secondary issues" on which social justice are based.

Those on the left focus on social justice issues. These issues include poverty, racism, climate change, equality and fairness for women, immigrants, those with disabilities, and criminal justice reform. Social justice issues include calling for fair wages for all workers and ending tax breaks and other "goodies" for corporations and wealthy individuals (billionaires especially. Social justice includes compassionate policies for undocumented individuals, migrants, and asylum seekers. All these are commendable, needed, and based on Scriptural principles. It is sad and tragic, however, that so many on the left have, over time, come to embrace abortion as "choice" and "equality" for women, and largely do not extend social justice to the unborn, who are most vulnerable of all.

Whether leaning towards sanctity of life (right) or social justice (left), we are becoming more and more divided over these issues. Things seem to get worse and worse all the time. For whether right or left, neither side does much to listen to the other. This holds most true among activists, with their influence, and politicians, with their power and authority. Though often we hear that "Social media is not real life," Facebook and Twitter reveal the hate, vileness, spite, rage, anger, and lack of civility so many of us are exhibiting increasingly, toward those we do not agree with. On the right, people refer to the opposition as "pro-abortion" and even as "pro-death." On the left, people refer to the opposition as "anti-choice" or "anti-women" or "behind the times." 

Matters are so bad that even in the Church, we are divided on many of these issues,. This has resulted in a "religious right" as well as a "religious left." And each side tends to view the other as not being true to God or Scripture as the other understands Him or the Bible. 

In fact, there is a political organization called the Democrats for Life of America  (DFLA). They are devoted to promoting a consistent life ethic through seeking to reach Democratic politicians in power or seeking power. DFLA also endorses pro-life Democrats and helping them get elected to public office. DFLA calls themselves the "pro-life arm" of the Democratic Party." I'm not aware of a counterpart of the GOP side. 

On both sides of these divisive issues on the right and left, both sides need to listen to the other in order to help bring sweeping and lasting change. This holds true whether we are talking about protecting the unborn from abortion, bringing reforms in criminal justice, making changes in immigration that protect citizens and migrants, combating the complex structures of racism, and so much more. 

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